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Old and New Arbat Avenue


The Old Arbat Avenue (Old Arbat) is not just a street, but also a sociocultural feature of Moscow city. It is not just a static sight, because a walk along Arbat Avenue means to track the history of the city from the XV century.

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Old and New Arbat Avenue
  • Old and New Arbat Avenue
  • Old and New Arbat Avenue
  • Old and New Arbat Avenue
  • Old and New Arbat Avenue
  • Old and New Arbat Avenue


g  Moscow, Russia
g  55.752079,37.601498
м  Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya

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The most well-known sights - Must see! w

The Old Arbat is a reserve area of Moscow, which managed to keep its appearance since post-war times. While walking along its stone-paving, you can feel the spirit of the Old Moscow and enjoy live music and architectural variety of the building. Since the middle of the XVIII century these streets were a place of residence for the famous aristocratic families, and, now, Arbat can be only compared to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

The city in architecture and monuments w

Almost each building on the Old Arbat Avenue can be interesting for even experienced traveler in terms of its history. The destiny of the famous theatre director Y. Vakhtangov is connected with this place, the theatre, which was name in honor of him, is located here. The admirers of literature and poetry will be interested in visiting the house-museums of M. Tsvetaeva and B. Okudzhava. There is an assumption that the lovers Alexander Pushkin and Natalie Goncharova made their postmeridian broadwalks, because they spent their honeymoon in the house number 53. The sculpture of Alexander Pushkin and Natalie Goncharova welcomes the quests of the city on their porch to present day. A lot of constructions of the beginning of the XX century attract tourist by their wonderfully decorated facades. The New Arbat was planned as a route construction, which was supposed to connect Rublevskoe highway and the Kremlin. During the building process, a lot of edifices, which had a historical value, were destroyed. Today, on their spots there are huge 25-storey high-rise apartment houses from one side, and administrative erections, which remind of open books in their shape, from the other side. Among all this urban structures there is a tiny church of Simeon Stylites, which preserved its charm from 1676. It is famous, because of the coronation ceremony of the tsar Boris Godunov, which was held here.