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Museum-panorama "The Battle of Borodino"

Borodino panorama

This museum welcomes to plunge into the very centre of the events of the Battle of Borodino. Originally, the opening of the museum was planned for the demonstration of the only one art canvas, but for more than fifty-year history the great number of pieces of art, ammunition and weapons, reflecting the important milestones of the Patriotic War, were collected.

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Military and political history r

The panoramic picture was created on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Patriotic War by the decree of the Emperor Nicholas II.

In the French history this episode is known as "the battle near Moscow River". One of the greatest battles occurred between Russian army under the command of the general M. Kutuzov and French forces by Napoleon at 125 kilometers from the capital, near the village of Borodino. The battle, which happened on the 26th of August 1812, is considered to be one of the most bloody and severe among one-day battles.

That battle lasted for 12 hours, by the results of which the French occupied the location of the Russian army in the centre and at one of the flanks, but after the end of the military operations, the French forces got back to the initial positions. Nowadays, the 8th of September is marked in calendars as the Day of Military Honour of Russia, day of the great Battle of Borodino.

Pictorial, photo, decorative and applied arts r

The main object of the museum exposition became the prominent example of the military and historical pictorial art of the beginning of the XX century. The length of the panoramic picture, which is arranged in a circle, is 115 meters and its height is 15 meters. The author of the panorama is Franz Roubaud, who presented the culmination of the battle on a canvas. The combination of the picturesque painting with an object plan, specially matched illumination and sound effects, cases the strong influence on contemplator.

Nowadays, the museum-panorama includes several departments and demonstrates three permanent expositions, where the pictures of the battle scenes, portraits of the heroes of the war, objects of soldier's life are displayed. Near the museum there is the building of the Council of War in Fili (also known as "Kutuzovskaya izba"), museum-chapel of M. Kutuzov, communal grave of Russian soldiers. Triumphal arch is the crown of the historical ensemble.