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The main building of the MGU

Moscow State University building

The central building of the university complex on the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory). The bright example of the Stalin architecture, for more than 60 years - the Russian centre of the development of the science, opens to the visitors of the observation sites the picturesque views over the one of the wonderful districts of the city.

The city in architecture and monuments w The most well-known sights - Must see! r Captivating views r
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The main building of the MGU
  • The main building of the MGU
  • The main building of the MGU
  • The main building of the MGU
  • The main building of the MGU
  • The main building of the MGU


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The city in architecture and monuments w

According to the project plan, exactly the building on the Sparrow Hills was supposed to be the highest one among eight other newly-erected buildings. The creator of the project was the author of the Palace of the Soviets B. M. Iofan. He proposed to create a visual composition of five fragments with the high-rise central part, with four side low symmetrical vaults, which are topped with the pinacle-towers. Originally, on the top of the central part it was supposed to set up a sculpture of M. V. Lomonosov, but later, it was decided to complete the roof like the rest of the skyscrapers - with the spire with a five-point star. The unique team of architects and engineers, who managed to foresee all the features, was created to realize this composition. For example, if you look from far away on the spire, it looks like it is made of gold. But such effect is created thanks to the original idea of the engineers. It is faced with the special glass (painted in yellow from one side, and covered with amalgam from the other side), which creates this wonderful visual illusion. To feel the whole scale of the building sizes, just enough to know that the diameter of the clock-dial, which are set up on the building, is nine meters.

The most well-known sights - Must see! r

Up to the beginning of the XX century the main building of the University was the Moscow record-holder, because its height with a spire is 240 meters. The façade of this edifice is famous not only because of its beauty, but also because of numerous mysteries, which are connected with the secrets of the general secretary Joseph Stalin.

Captivating views r

The visiting of the observation site on 32 floor of the main building - is the great excursion to Moscow from the bird's eye view. The observation site has an all-round view and is located in the height of 230 meters. From up here the wonderful views open up on the Sparrow Hills, Moscow River, Khamovniki District and everything, that the guest would like to see.