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Peter's the Great Petersburg

This route will show you the places and sights, which are connected with the personality of the founder of St. Petersburg and one of the great rulers in the history of Russia – Peter the Great. He put his heart and soul, even his own life into this city, and made it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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g Admiralteyskiy Proyezd, 1
m Admiralteyskaya, Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor

The Admiralty takes one of the most important places in the military history of the city and country because it is the birthplace of the Russian Navy. It is the complex of buildings where the Main Admiralty of Russian Empire used to be situated. Nowadays it is a monument of the naval history.

The Admiralty was built in 1704-1706 by the design of architect I. Korobov. The building is decorated with different sculptures, which images are connected with the marine legends and myths. Many famous sculptors took part in the designing process of the sculptures: S. Pimenov, V. Demut-Malinovskiy, A. Anisimov, F. Shedrin, I. Terebenev and others. Reliefs, which depict the Greek goddess of justice Themis awarding warriors and craftsmen, are located in the pediments of the side porticos. The central arch is adorned with the statues of nymphs, who stand on the high pedestals and carry the globes. Above the arch there are soaring Glories and allegorical bas-relief "Establishment of fleet in Russia". In the corners of the first tier there are figures of antique heroes: Alexander of Macedon, Achilles, Ajax and Pyrrhus. Above the colonnade there are 28 sculptural allegories: fire, water, earth, air, four seasons, four cardinal directions, muse of astronomy - Urania and patroness of sailors - goddess Isis. This sculptural groups form the image of Russia as naval world power.

The famous ship on the spire of the Admiralty is one of the main symbols of Saint-Petersburg. The first ship was set up in 1711 during the reconstruction of the building. Under the ship the gilded ball, below which there was round moneybox from pure gold, was established. In this moneybox all the examples of gold coins, which were made in Saint-Petersburg since its foundation, were placed. This ball was never opened due to the irretrievable lost of the secret of its opening. The first ship occupied its place till 1815, when it was substituted for the new one, and the riginal ship was mysteriously lost. The second ship was replaced in 1886 by the exact copy as a result of the reconstruction works.

There is a supposition that the first Russian military ship-frigate "Oryol", which was built in 1667-1669, became the prototype of the Admiralty ship. There are several legends, according to one of which three flags on the ship's masts are made of pure gold, and in the ship's bows there is the personal surveying compass of Peter I. Also there is an assumption that the Admiralty ship has the same image as the first ship, which enter the just built port of Saint-Petersburg.

Nowadays the headquaters of the Main Navy Staff is situated in the Admiralty.

g Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, 3 g +7(812)328-14-12
m Admiralteyskaya, Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor g www.kunstkamera.ru
Kunstkamera is the first museum in the city and one of the most interesting ones in Saint-Petersburg. Since XVIII the building of Kunskamera is a symbol of Russian Academy of Sciences. The collection of rarities and anatomical anomalies. The Globe of Gottorf - the first and the biggest in the world globe-planetarium.

Twelve Collegia building
g Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, 7/9
m Vasileostrovskaya

The Twelve Collegia building or Twelve Colleges on the Vasilyevsky Island is the architectural monument of the Petrine Baroque style. The Twelve Collegia building is one of the earliest ones on the Vasilyesky Island. 

Bronze Horseman and Senate Square
g Senatskaya Ploshchad'
m Admiralteyskaya

Bronze Horseman on Senate Square - is the monument to the great Emperor Peter the First, which was glorified by famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. This monument is one of the main symbols of Saint-Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress
g Hare Island, Peter and Paul Fortress g +7(812)230-64-31
m Gor'kovskaya g www.spbmuseum.ru

Peter and Paul fortress – is the first class fortified structure of the XVIII century, one of the main sights in Saint-Petersburg. Peter and Paul cathedral, which is located on the territory of the fortress – is one of the main symbols of the city, necropolis of the Royal Romanov Family. Here you will find the fascinating walking route “Nevskaya Panorama”, famous prison of the Trubetskoy Bastion, different museums, exhibitions, midday shot from the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Palace Square
g Palace Square
m Admiralteyskaya

Palace Square is the heart of Saint-Petersburg, its main square. Winter Palace, consisting the square ensemble, is the prominent architectural monument, which is worldwide famous as the State Museum Hermitage. Alexander Column, which is located in the centre of the square - is one of the main symbols of Saint-Petersburg.