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About our company

BeAbo company works in the field of cognitive tourism, which opens new possibilities for all those who prefer private or independent travel to the cities and countries. 
Creating routes and organizing excursion programs, we always strive to show you not only popular touristic places, but also informal and very little known sights. So that you could feel yourself as local and make a full and colorful impression about the city or the country.

That is why our company is called BeAbo - be aborigine - meaning "be local". And our main aim is to give you an opportunity to get a quality cognitive program full of interesting information and great memories. 

Our Mission is to unite people all around the world, to find unique, specific flavor of each place and to share this information; to give the opportunity to communicate peacefully with the Natives of the different countries and to foster tolerance and respect for other cultures.

With BeAbo a traveler becomes a discoverer, experiencing the uniqueness and originality of cultures, the beauty of the local residents, gaining new impressions from communicating with people and perception of such a different and beautiful world. That is why the slogan and the basis of all our work is the FEELING of DISCOVERY!
And this is fixed in our logo.

If you look at it closely, then in the night silhouette of the city, you can distinguish the outline of the Yellow Submarine - the symbol of immersion, as well as the unity of the people on Earth, which is sung in the renowned song of the famous Fab four.

We hope that whatever you go, even in the most remote region of the Earth, you will meet hospitable and sincere people, which will bring warmth and light into your life. 

With regards of feelings of discovery in all your travels ,
BeAbo company

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