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Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood found its place in the TOP-5 of the best architectural monuments in Europe


According to the results of the annual world's attractions ranking on TripAdvisor web site Church of the Savior on the spilled Blood in St. Peresburg took 12th place in the list of the most significant architectural monuments of the world. Millions of reviews and opinions left by the travelers were analyzed during this research. And the winners were determined by a special algorithm that takes into account the quality and quantity of reviews posted on the website during the preceding 12 months.
In the European rankings Church of the Savior on the spilled Blood rounded out the top five, taking it’s place after Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican, the Duomo Cathedral (Milano) and the Eiffel tower (Paris). All in all, the rating 2015 included 712 attractions.

Top 10 attractions in Russia, according to Travelers' Choice:
1. Church of the Savior on the spilled Blood — St. Petersburg
2. Red square — Moscow
3. Grand Palace Peterhof
4. Museum complex of St. Isaac's Cathedral — St. Petersburg
5. Intercession Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral — Moscow
6. Catherine Palace and Park Pushkin
7. Kazan Kremlin — Kazan
8. Palace square — St. Petersburg
9. Naval St. Nicholas Cathedral Of Kronstadt
10. The bridge on island Russian — Vladivostok

Top 12 attractions in the world, according to Travelers' Choice:
1. Angkor Wat — Siem Reap (Cambodia);
2. Machu Picchu — Machu Picchu (Peru);
3. Taj Mahal — Agra (India);
4. Great mosque of Sheikh Zayed — Abu Dhabi (UAE);
5. The Sagrada Familia — Barcelona (Spain);
6. St. Peter's Basilica — Vatican City;
7. Milan Cathedral (Duomo), Milan (Italy);
8. Alcatraz — San Francisco (USA);
9. Corcovado mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer — Rio de Janeiro (Brazil);
10. The Golden Gate bridge — San Francisco, CA (USA);
11. Eiffel tower — Paris (France);
12. Church of the Savior on spilled Blood — St. Petersburg (Russia).
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