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St. Petersburg: Most interesting

This page can be interesting for those who are going to visit Saint-Petersburg and also to everyone who wants to know more about this wonderful city!

20 reasons to visit St. Petersburg

  1. St.Petersburg – is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you will definitely fall in love with it at a glance!
  2. St. Petersburg is rightly called a cultural capital of Russia. The city has more than 200 museums, over 100 theaters, hundreds of private art galleries. A variety of events daily take place in the city – such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions, performances, flashmobs, sports games etc.
  3. St. Petersburg – is the birthplace of the Russian and Soviet Empire, the keeper of many historical mysteries and fateful events in the history of Russia and the world. Here the mysterious palace coups of the XVIII century occurred, as well as three revolutions of the XX century; the city experienced a terrible 900-day Siege and deserved the title of the Hero-City.
  4. St. Petersburg – is the most European among all Russian cities. Well-known architects from Italy, France and Germany developed its harmonious appearance, but in the meantime, St. Petersburg remains Russian.
  5. St. Petersburg has always been a magnet for creative people. Here, the immortal opuses were created by A.S. Pushkin, F.M. Dostoevsky, A.A. Akhmatova, I.E. Repin, F.I. Chaliapin and D.D. Shostakovich. Today, you may see musicians, artists and actors not only when visiting performances and exhibitions, but also when walking on the streets, in restaurants and nightclubs.
  6. St. Petersburg is also called Venice of the North. It is situated on 33  islands, which are connected by 342 bridges, and 13 of them are drawn in the summer. This is truly a spectacular show that you should witness at least once in your life!
  7. St. Petersburg – is a city with a lively nightlife, which continues even on weekdays. You may easily get stuck in traffic in the city center on weekend nights. For many St. Petersburg residents night – is a favorite time for visiting clubs, cinemas and restaurants and for walking the streets of their beloved city.
  8. When White Nights come St. Petersburg completely stays awake! Since it is a magical summer time, when a night is almost as light as day, except the sun. The drawn bridges and sailing ships create a unique, extremely romantic atmosphere.
  9. St. Petersburg is very beautiful in winter! Highlights of the palaces and other historic buildings, covered with snow, give the city a special charm. But be ready to see the thermometer drop to -20 degrees.
  10. Residents of St. Petersburg are kind hearted, friendly and know well their city. If you get lost, they will kindly show you the way and try to help. If you came from another country and are willing to talk to a Russian, you will easily get this opportunity. St. Petersburg residents are open for communication and often fluent in foreign languages.
  1. St. Petersburg – is a real open air museum! This is the first city in Russia, which was built in accordance with a strict architectural plan. It is very harmonious! So you may just walk the streets and enjoy the view of palaces, churches, cathedrals and breathtaking panoramas.
  2. The State Hermitage Museum consists of 365 rooms with more than 150.000 exhibits inside them and nearly 3 million ones are stored in the vaults. It is one of the largest museums in the world, on a par with the Louvre Museum in Paris and Metropolitan Museum in New York.
  3. There are many places in St. Petersburg where you can get acquainted with Russian culture and local colour. You may visit the Orthodox churches and museums of Russian art and life, ride in a sleigh on streets covered with snow, take a steam bath with a broom, learn how to prepare meet dumplings or visit the performances of folklore groups.
  4. There is a unique event every summer in St. Petersburg – celebration of school leavers called Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails). A great show takes place in this fantastic night in the waters of the Neva River; a beautiful ship with scarlet sails moves along the embankments; the most famous musicians give free concerts and upper school leavers walk around the city dressed in ball gowns.
  5. St. Petersburg residents are fond of mass celebrations! You may walk around the city along with thousands of citizens on New Year's Day, Victory Day, City Day, Maslenitsa festival and other major holidays and shout "hurray" during the fireworks, as well as participate in entertainment programs.
  6. Food in St. Petersburg is tasty! Here you will find cuisine to suit any taste. Beginning from national restaurants that V. Putin likes to visit where a home Russian vodka and Pelmeni are served, to unusual places with vegetarian, Indian, African, Cuban, kosher and Japanese cuisine.
  7. St. Petersburg has the largest length of the tram rails in the world. You will be able to get in this amazing type of transportation from the center to the most remote areas of the city, as well as to take the music and retro tram and even celebrate your holiday in it.
  8. St. Petersburg – is the first city in Russia, where the railway was built from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin). Even now it is possible to use for traveling!
  9. If you have strong nerves, you should drive a car on St. Petersburg roads. Local drivers hurry, often stunt and amaze visitors with their style of driving. But in the meantime, they show courtesy to each other saying "thank you" or "sorry" by flashing emergency lights. You will also probably be surprised to witness such cars as gold Bentley, Porsche, Maybach and Rolls-Royce, which move only being accompanied by guards.
  10. As you know, there are very beautiful girls in Russia – they are worth to be seen! Russian women are distinguished by their grace, love to wear high heels, skirts and jewelry. And St. Petersburg women – are not an exception!

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