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St. Petersburg: travel guide for independent trip

  • "Golden Ring" of St. Petersburg "Golden Ring" of St. Petersburg is the walking excursion throughout the city, during which you can take detour along the city center and see the most popular places and sights. This route is the ideal one for those, who want to see the main sight of St. Petersburg in a short space of time.
  • Central Petersburg All the tourists come to the “Northern capital” for the first time should visit Nevsky Prospect to feel all the greatness of the city, all its beauty. “Central Petersburg” route is an informative walk along the main historical, cultural and architectural thoroughfare of Saint-Petersburg. All the f
  • Night walk along the city This route is more interesting during the night time, because St. Petersburg looks magnificent during this time. All its sights are illuminated and creates the great atmosphere.
  • On the Neva embankments “On the Neva embankments” route is an informative walk, which includes the most famous sights of Saint-Petersburg. You will visit the main square of the city, the Hermitage, the Summer Garden. Then you will cross the Neva River by the Trinity Bridge and continue your captivating route.
  • Peter's the Great Petersburg This route will show you the places and sights, which are connected with the personality of the founder of St. Petersburg and one of the great rulers in the history of Russia – Peter the Great. He put his heart and soul, even his own life into this city, and made it one of the most beautiful cities
  • Romantic Petersburg St. Petersburg - is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Its parks, gardens, alleys, bridges entirely setup the inhabitants and guests of the city for a romantic mood. This route represents the walk along the places, which are popular among young couples and lovers, the end of the route is
  • Sightseeing tour around St. Petersburg Sightseeing tour around St. Petersburg is the great opportunity to get acquainted with one of the best cities in the world. During this excursion you will see all the main and most popular sights and enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg.
  • Walk along the Isalnd To understand why Vasilyevsky Island is so beloved by residents of Saint-Petersburg, we offer you to walk along these places. “Walk along the Island” route will introduce you the most famous historic and architectural monuments of the city centre and Vasilyevsky Island. At first you will see Sena