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Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage


It is not possible not to notice these great sculptures, while walking along Millionnaya Street, because it is the main decoration of the New Hermitage building. Not many knows about their magical power, in which a lot of citizans believe, as well as tourists. 

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Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage
  • Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage
  • Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage
  • Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage
  • Sculptures of Atlantis of the New Hermitage


g  Millionnaya ulitsa, 35
g  59.941073,30.317468
м  Admiralteyskaya, Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor

g   0 ч. 10 мин.
g   Under the open sky
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The city in architecture and monuments r

The famous Atlantes of the New Hermitage appear almost in each textbook of the history of art. According to the original project, during the construction of the New Hermitage building, which was initiated in 1837 after the fire in Winter Palace, it was planned to decorate the portico of the new building with sphinxes. However, that project was denied by the main architect L. Klenze, as well as the second one - with Egyptian pharaohs. The main architect remembered that he had his own project of the Royal Palace in Athens, which was not realized several years ago and was supposed to be the main museum in Greece. That is how the fate of the portico of the New Hermitage building was sealed. Sculptor A. Trebenev, who created the design of the atlantes by the drawing of J. Halbig, worked on the figures for almost five years. There is a supposition , according to which A. Trebenev worked on polishing of the atlantes by himself, not alone, of course, but managed the creating process over three years more, until they were finished. Atlantes were carved from granite and put on the pedestal from marble limestone. Up to the 1920s the portico with atlantes was the main entrance to the Hermitage. The history of atlantes is inseparably connected with the history of Saint-Petersburg. During the Blockade one of the atlantes was hit by one of the 30 shells, which damaged the Hermitage buildings.

Mystic and cult places r

Atlantes are one of the most popular legends of Saint-Petersburg. Newlyweds come here after their wedding to hold the big toes of the atlantes. There is a legends that it will bring happiness in marriage. During the walks around the city it is impossible to not notice this sculptures. They provoke almost mystical desire to touch them. That is why there are a lot of cups with alcohol on the pedestal. One more tradition was invented by female students of the numerous nearest educational institutions. During summer time they paint the atlantes toes with nail polish, apparently, showing their regard to handsome gods, which stand under the cloudy sky of Saint-Petersburg.