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Malaya Sadovaya

Malaya Sadovaya Street

Here you can walk along one of the few pedestrian streets, where there are a lot of interesting sculptures. Near these sculptures you can make a wish. 

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Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya
  • Malaya Sadovaya


g  Malaya Sadovaya ulitsa
g  59.934188,30.337316
м  Gostiny Dvor, Nevskiy Prospekt

g   0 ч. 30 мин.
g   Under the open sky
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The city in architecture and monuments r

Shuvalovsky pereulok in 1793-1799s, Novyi pereulok in 1784-1829s, since 1836 - Malaya Sadovaya, and since 1887 - Ekaterininskaya Street. All this is about one street, as you may guess. However, the street became Malaya Sadovaya again only in 1948, and until then since 1918 it was named the Street of Proletkult. From the beginning of the 19th century citizens named it Malaya Sadovaya, so its historical name was returned to this beautiful place in Saint-Petersburg. At the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya Street there is Eliseyev Emporium - not only a wonderful building, architectural monument, created at the turn of classical and modern architecture, as well as many other monuments and memorial places, which turn this street in a popular one among tourists and citizens. Young people give different performances quite often on Malaya Sadovaya Street, dances, musical shows, clown and acrobat performances. Moreover, there is no need for special occasion to hold these acts, frequently they take place just for fun, out of nowhere. All this happens in front of silent witnesses - sculptures, which were set up right on the pedestrian zone.

Mystic and cult places r

Street, which makes your wishes come true, that is how it's called. This is no surprise, because each figure on the Street are covered with myths and legends. One of them is Fountain of Time, which appeared here not too many years ago, in 2000. It is a typical example of urban modern art, strange for the first sight, acute-angled, circled by 12 square steps. Bronze clock, big black ball, which spins in the centre of construction, and the water, which streams down the steps and shows time. Periodically this compound construction is under technical works, and fountain functions as a real one. That does not attract fewer passerby, who evince their special attention to the unusual composition.

You will find cats here as well - unobvious symbol of Saint-Petersburg, even in Hermitage they serve officially. Cat Vasilisa "strolls" along the façade of the house number 3 of Malaya Sadovaya Street. She is a "friend" of cat Elisei, who is situated on opposite side of the street. Author of this sculpture is V. Petrovichev, who presented Vasilisa to Elisei, appeared here in 2000 as well. Sculptor L. Domracheva also worked on these sculptures, which were given to the city as a present in memory of cats, which were brought here from Yaroslavl during the Siege of Leningrad to save the city from brutal hungry rats, spreading infection all over people's houses. Cat Elisei of 33 centimeters high and weight - 25 kilos, is located on the height of three meters, it is not easy to notice him.

The monument to Petersburg photographer is located not far as well. While opening his umbrella over an antique camera, photographer looks into the distance in expectation of a good shot. This monument was set here not on occasion. The famous photo studio and workshop of Bulla dynasty, the most well-known Russian photographers, who were the photographers of Royal family, were located right here on 3, Malaya Sadovaya Street from the beginning of XX century till 1930s. The idea of this monument belongs to L. Domracheva, to the author of cats Vasilisa and Elisei and to B. Petrov. By the way, nowadays, a photo studio is still located here, this building never changed its function.

In the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya Street there is a monument to the loudspeaker, which was set up in 2002. The author of this monument is A. Chernov. This memorial is hardly noticeable, but there is always a lot of flowers next to it. Radio played an important role for citizens in the Blockade period. A lot was said about that times and it is another big story. This inconspicuous loudspeaker, which is like a part of urban architecture, is a reminder of the hardest times in the history of Saint-Petersburg, when citizens came together near it to hear the latest reports from battle-front, news and chronicle of events.

Tourists, as well as inhabitants, come to Malaya Sadovaya Street to make a wish. Near the Fountain of Time you should turn your back upon the sculpture, then throw a coin and see on which foot it fell. It will show the time, after which your wish will come true. Moreover it shows how many times you should turn a huge ball in the centre of the fountain.

Also, you should pick your attention to the cat Vasilisa. If you make a wish, throw a coin on the façade, where Vasilisa stands, it will definitely come true. As to Elisei, first of all you should find him, and then you can make a wish and try to hit the pediment, where he sits. Did you manage to do this? In that case, it will come true. At least, everybody, who come here every day and try to throw a coin successfully, really believe in it.

The monument to Petersburg photographer is not less interesting and, maybe, even more popular than its neighbors, in case of wishes. A lot of different secret rituals are connected with it. It is necessary to take photographer's elbow, hold is little finger and to caress his little cute bronze bulldog, who settles near his owner's legs and looks at passing people with curiosity. The first ritual is for happy life, the second one is for everything to become true and the bulldog ritual is for luck. It is still a question if your dreams will come true, but it is necessary to walk through this nice street - Malaya Sadovaya, because your will definitely get into a good mood, which means that you have done half of the work and good luck is not far off.