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Palace Square


Palace Square is the heart of Saint-Petersburg, its main square. Winter Palace, consisting the square ensemble, is the prominent architectural monument, which is worldwide famous as the State Museum Hermitage. Alexander Column, which is located in the centre of the square - is one of the main symbols of Saint-Petersburg.

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Palace Square
  • Palace Square
  • Palace Square
  • Palace Square
  • Palace Square
  • Palace Square


g  Palace Square
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м  Admiralteyskaya

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The most well-known sights - Must see! w

Palace Square is located in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg and is considered as the main one. It is famous not only with its width (although, it is at least twice bigger than the Red Square in Moscow), but also with its architectural monuments, which form it. Tourists from all over the world feel obligated to visit it.

The city in architecture and monuments w

Formerly, the square was called Admiralteisky Lug and included the territory of the Alexander Garden. The square got its name in 1766 because of the main building the Winter Palace, which was constructed in the middle of the XVIII century according to the design F. B. Rastrelli (the construction process took almost ten years). The inner decoration was created by the other masters – Y. M. Felten, J. – B. Wallin de La Mothe, A. Rinaldi. The Palace has three storey; four wings together with the inner garden and facades form the shape of the caret. The Winter Palace looks very light, but impressive and solemn at the same time. Vases and sculptures, which are set on the ledges around the perimeter of the building, make it look even more triumphal. Originally they were made of stone, but in the turn of the XIX-XX centuries were replaced by the metal one. Such buildings as Glazov House, Lanskoy House, Bruse House were constructed after the Winter Palace. All of these buildings were erected an arc of a circle and later were named Feltonovskie by the name of the architect Y. M. Felten, who designed them. Years later on the spot of these houses the General Staff Building was built (design by C. Rossi), however the main proportions and the location were preserved. Two wings of the central part were connected by the arch. All this construction represents the arc of almost 600 meters length. Triumphal Arch – is one of the main monuments, which was erected in honor of the Patriotic War 1812. Such masters as S. S. Pimenov, V. – I. Demut-Malinovsky worked on it. The arch is decorated with bas-reliefs and adorns the entrance to the square from the Nevsky Prospekt. In 1837-1843 the building of the guard corps headquarters was constructed on the opposite side. The Alexander Column was erected a little bit earlier and still has a status of the highest column in world, made of the stone monolith. On its top there is a sculpture of an angel (design by A. Montferrand), who tramples the snake, - the symbol of the peace, which Russia brought in Europe by defeating of the common enemy – Napoleon.

Captivating views r

Architectural monuments and sights, located on the Palace Square, form wonderful combination and represent great panorama. All the objects are illuminated during the night time and the square looks even more beautiful. Nowadays, a lot of concerts and events are held here. Also, the Palace Square is in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.