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"Molly Island" Pub


Pubs of "Mollie's Group" are a piece of Ireland in St. Petersburg. The first Irish pub appeared here in 1994, and since that time, the city has 12 pubs, combined with the same stylistic. At the same time each pub is individually unique. Pubs "Mollie's Group" are great places to spend an evening after work, meet friends, enjoy a delicious dinner, a variety of beer and other drinks, so you can have fun and even celebrate an event. Pubs "Mollie's Group" are the pubs in the classic meaning: good-quality wooden furniture, brick in the decor, green and brown colors in the interior, exceptional range of beer and snacks, as well as a full menu, which of course does not correspond with the concept of pubs, but was made to please the wishes of the visitors. In these pubs you can not only enjoy a delicious beer, there is also a wide selection of whiskeys and cocktails.

Pub "Molly Island" is a classic Irish pub with a distinctive feature of homely atmosphere, which promotes communications. Pleasant semidarkness, friendly waiters and bartenders, tasty beer and snacks - the atmosphere is merry and easy that keeps people coming back again and again.

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g  Morskaya Naberezhnaya, 15
g  59.940190,30.214306
м  Primorskaya
g  +7(812)438-13-03

g   2 ч.
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Average bill - 1500 RUR
Additional information
Capacity of the pub: 75 persons.
Cuisine: European.
Vegetarian menu: yes.
Kids menu: no.
Music: background.
Smoking/non-smoking zones division: no.

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