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Trinity Cathedral


Trinity Cathedral - is the most beautiful cathedrals in Saint-Petersburg, the prominent architectural monument, designed in the Empire style.

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Trinity Cathedral
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • Trinity Cathedral


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While visiting an Orthodox church it is necessary to follow several rules. It is forbidden to sit in church (unless you have health problems). You should speak very quietly in order not to disturb people around you. Men should take off hats or caps before entering a church; on the other hand, women should cover their head. According to the strict canon laws, women should not enter a church in trousers, short skirts, or with make-up on their face. 

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Trinity Cathedral is the unique place, despite the fact, that it is not the oldest cathedral in Saint-Petersburg, it was build in 1828-1835 and was consecrated in 1835. Architect V. Satasov realized all distinctive features of the Empire style to the full extent in the cathedral's building. Parish of the church belongs to Saint-Petersburg Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church and is a part of the Admiralty rural dean division. Trinity Cathedral is renowned for its relics - icon of the Holy Trinity of 1406, the cross with a small piece of the Cross of the Lord and Golgotha, the icon with a small piece of the relics of Saint Panteleimon and other artifacts.

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Troitse-Izmailovsky sobor is the other name of the cathedral. It is, obviously, one of the most beautiful churches in Russia and you should see it with your own yeas to be sure. The Empress Maria Feodorovna and crown prince Alexander Nicholaevich were at the laying of the foundation stone in 1828. The cathedral is topped with a big colorful cupola and richly decorated with pilasters and colonnades of Corinthian order, which is classic for the Empire style in architecture. Painters T.A. Medvedev and A.I. Travin are the authors of the inner decoration. In 1938 the cathedral was closed and during the war the building was hardly damaged, mostly because of its location and closeness to Pulkoskie Hills. In 1960-1970s the scale reconstruction of the cathedral was held and in 1990s the building was returned to the church. However, there was a huge fire inside the church in 2006. Repairs took three years and now the original image of the Trinity cathedral is completely renewed.