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Clean Ponds

Chistye Prudy

This word-combination causes different emotions among people - for ones it is a promenade through the Chistoprudny Boulevard, for others - the Sovremennik Theatre, and for someone it is the song of Igor Talkov. One way or another, it is a park with absolutely great atmosphere, which attracts a lot of tourists, newlyweds and representatives of various subcultures.

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Clean Ponds
  • Clean Ponds
  • Clean Ponds
  • Clean Ponds
  • Clean Ponds
  • Clean Ponds


g  Chistye Prudy, Moscow, Russia
g  55.761231,37.644500

g   1 ч. 30 мин.
g   Under the open sky
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The most well-known sights - Must see! r

Very likely, it is the best well-known park of the Boulevard Ring. Sometimes ones call it the green island in the centre of Moscow. The park abounds in numerous sculptural and architectural monuments and was glorified not once in musical and literary works.

The city in architecture and monuments r

In the XVII century this territory was called "Filthy bogs", but already in the beginning of the XVIII century the minion of the Emperor Peter the Great A. D. Menshikov, who's mansion was located nearby, directed to clean out the bogs. Since that times the history of the Clean Ponds (Chistye Prudy) began. The great Russian writer A. S. Griboedov lived next to the ponds and in 1959 the sculptor A. A. Manuilov decided to perpetuate the memory of the author in his sculpture. In 2006 the monument to A. Kunanbaev, the Kazakh writer and famous enlightener, who translated a lot of Russian literary works in his mother tongue, was set up here. The church of Archangel Gabriel is located near the Chistoprudny Boulevard, on Arkhangelsky Pereulok. It was constructed in 1705 by the admirer of European Baroque style architect I. Zarudny. The edifice is notable for the incredible brightness and abundance of white décor, which contrast with the coral background. Over the each of three entrances there are stucco frescoes with the images of archangels Gabriel, Michael and composition "The Ascension Of Christ".

Interesting for children r

Your children see The whole sea in the centre of Moscow, if you came to the excursion in Sea Aquarium on the Clean Ponds. Right inside the aquarium there are the most interesting lessons in biology, which introduce to the marine life. In winter on the territory of the Clean Ponds the open skating rink functions twenty-four hours a day, also, there is the special area for hockey. The little visitors will be glad to try snow slide.