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Kremlin Armoury

Oruzheynaya Palata

Kremlin Armory - is one of the greatest treasury in the world, is a part of the complex of the Big Kremlin Palace. Kremlin Armory collects an enormous number of the ancient and significant for Russia relics.

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Kremlin Armoury
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Kremlin Armoury


g  Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
g  55.749741,37.613630
м  Teatralnaya
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g   1 ч. 30 мин.
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Find the detailed information about the prices and working hours on the web site of the museum: http://www.kreml.ru/en-Us/visit-to-kremlin/ticket-prices/

Opening hours:

Fr. - Wed. 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 02:30 p.m., 04:30 p.m. Thu. - closed. To determine information on opening hours visit an official website.

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Pictorial, photo, decorative and applied arts w

The oldest museum in Russia was located in the building, which was built in the XIX century by the author of the Russian-Byzantine Church architecture K. Ton and has nine halls. The quintessence of the museum collection, which consists of the precious exhibits, preserving for the centuries in the Royal Treasury and in the sacristy of the Patriarch, is an evidence of the great talent of the Kremlin masters. The museum got its name thanks to the enormous number (approximately four thousand) exhibits of the arts and crafts not only of Russia, but also of Eastern countries and European countries. The exhibits date from the IV century and their quality is considered as the best in the world. The treasury contains the elements of the cloth of the Royal persons, sacerdotal robes, collection of the precious metals by Russian masters, art silver from the medieval Western Europe, the unique examples by the armourers and even the collection of carriages. Besides, it is possible to trace the changing process of the preferences of the Russian Monarchs by the museum collection of the thrones: throne of Ivan the Terrible, which is covered by the ivory with the European fretwork, was replaced by the golden ones - of Boris Godunov and Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia, and later - the diamond masterpiece, on which Aleksey Mikhailovich sat.

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Kremlin Armory allows to see with your own eyes the authentic sumptuousness of the Russian Empire and enjoy the countless riches of the country. A lot of memories of the highest art and of the special historic and cultural value brought a worldwide fame to the museum.