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State Department Store

State Department Store uniquely combines the Imperial scale and bourgeois chic. GUM is located on the Red Square, its walls still remember the epoch, when it was the only centre of trade, ready to satisfy all the tastes and desires of the visitors. Nowadays, people visit GUM not only for shopping, but also to fall into the rich history, walk through the famous bridges and relax near the dewy fountain.

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g  Red Square, 3, Moscow, Russia
g  55.754699,37.621583
м  Ploshchad' Revolutsii
g  +7 (495) 788-43-43
g   www.gum.ru

g   1 ч.
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Mon. - Sun. 10:00-22:00.

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The most well-known sights - Must see! r

This really unique trade centre extends for more than 250 meters along the Red Square. In the extensive poster of GUM you may see daily actions and take part in one of the art or social events. Like as the time machine of "Gastronom #1", café "Festivalnoe" and "Stolovaya # 57" bring you back in Soviet times. You can't go pass one of the favorite places among visitors - Fountain, which is almost coeval of the building itself.

The city in architecture and monuments r

State Department Store, which now occupies the whole quarter of China-Town, was decided to be build at the presence of the Empress Catherine in the XVII century. The edifice was designed as the grad project in classical style. Unfortunately, it didn't survived the fire in 1812 because of the deficient work done. The building we can see now, was erected by the project of the president of the Imperial Art Academy A. N. Pomerantsev. It was constructed in pseudo-Russian style with rich decorations, compositional complexity and the picturesque silhouette. Double towers over the central entrance have something in common with the architectural features of the building of the Historical Museum. Inside the construction is divided in three enfilade passages, where now there are thousands of shops.

Shopping r

Nowadays, the trade centre consists of two buildings: the main one (historical) with three lines and storey and the one-storey building, which is frequently named as the "fifth line" or "women hall". On the first floor of all lines there are "quick shops", where you can drop in for five minutes and buy flowers, cosmetics, presents or something extremely necessary. The second floor is represented by the net of multi-brand shops of cloth, shoes and sport goods from different brands. The pride of the third floor is the classical man's cloth from the national brand. "Fifth line" of GUM is very popular among visitors because of the huge discounts on the last season collections of the luxury brands.