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Diamond Fund

Almaznyy Fond Rossii

Perhaps, there no such places in Russia, where it takes one's breath away from all the beauty and wealth, which the interior of Russian territory has. The part of the State Fund of precious metals and stones is a range of the rare nuggets of precious metals, exclusive exhibits of precious stones. The collection of the wonderful jewelry has a high aesthetic and universal historical value.

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Diamond Fund
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Find the detailed information about the prices and working hours on the web site of the museum: http://www.gokhran.ru/en/diamond-fund/visitors/services/index.phtml

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Mon. - Sun. - 10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. To determine information on opening hours visit an official website.

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The creation of the Diamond Fund was initiated by the decree of the Emperor Peter the Great with the aim of the preserving of pieces, which are in the public domain, first of all, the regalia for the coronation. That times the building for these purposes was named the Diamond room. The XX century brought the big changes in the history of the treasury. While Russia went into the World War I, clouds gathered under Petersburg as well. All content of the Diamond room was transported without any delay to Moscow for preserving in the Kremlin Armory over the solid Kremlin walls. Exhibits were there until 1922, when the Commission for the examination and selection of values was formed. According to the results of the Commission's work, a lot of collection pieces were sent in different museum all over the country.

In 1925 the priceless treasure of the crown was represented to the public demonstration in the House of the Unions for the first time. The special exhibit of the Diamond Fund of Russia was coordinated to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Soviet state. The organizers expected this exhibition to be opened during one year, but a close attention from the citizens and foreign tourists led to the decision of reorganization of the temporary exhibit in the permanent one.

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Nowadays the Diamond Fund disposes two halls: in the first one there are different various precious stones (among which there is the greatest value of Persian kings - the Indian diamond "Shah", Orlov diamond, which decorates the Emperor's sceptre); in the second hall you may see exhibits, which represent historical value, including the Big and Small emperor's crowns and one of the main regalia of the monarchs "Globus cruciger".